Ethernet Throughput Utility

This simple utility can be used to measure maximum throughput through a TCP/IP network.

How to use it

You need two networked computers running Windows 2000 or Windows XP. You run the EthThrough.EXE on one of them and then you press the "Run Listener" button. Then you also run the EthThrough.EXE on the other computer, you enter the IP address of the first computer into the "Connect to:" box, nd you press the "Run Sender" button.

The Sender will now establish a TCP/IP connection to the Listener and will start sending data. You can monitor the throughput (I also suggest that you use WindowsXP task manager Networking tab)

Installation procedure

None - you only have one .EXE file that you copy and run.


- Windows XP/2000
- enough CPU power to overwhelm your network with TCP/IP packages

Download here (113KB)

This is a totally free software tool. You have no limitations on its usage.



When the throughput measuring utility is at its full, you may expect that other services that are using the same network will fall. Be carefull not to kill your network.

Using this utility for network-attacking purposes is not my idea at all. The utility uses high-level functions only and will obey to bandwith limitations set by Administrators.


I noticed that non-server Windows versions have much worse network sending abilities than their server-version counterparts. You cannot get much over 70% of nominal Ethernet throughput on non-server Windows release.

You may find out that Sender uses a lot of CPU power to overwhelm the network. Often the CPU power is the limiting factor. Sometimes you can help yourself by running two or more Sender toward one Listener