Math-o-mir screenshots

Some images of Math-o-mir, the math notepad, forumla-editor and calculator, are presented below. These screenshots are taken under WinXP. On a more modern OS (Win7, win8), the Math-o-mir may will look more polished. Still, the Math-o-mir is only a notepad software, and it is supposed to look humble. The accent is on agility.

The overal layout of the Math-o-mir.
The toolbox (left), Toolbar (top, below main menu), and the large document area...
The toolbar can be removed if not used.

Larger view of the Math-o-mir toolbox. Below the toolbox
there is a color-box as an hand-drawing aid.

The font formatting subtoolbox. You can quickly choose
among fonts that you predefined. But you can also define different font
for any letter on your keyboard.

The subtoolbox. There are many math symbols under subtoolboxes.
To open a subtoolbox point at the toolbox option and wait for a fraction
of a second. Or just mouse click at the gray triangle below that item.

The hand-drawing subtoolbox. There you can find some tools to make
quick hand-drawing illustrations.

In Math-o-mir you can zoom-in and zoom-out using mouse wheel.

You can configure the software behavior by checking/unchecking
various options from the menu. You can save your adjustments
to be used as defaults.

The Math-o-mir is used for informal math (a very informal example shown above)
Right-click at an object will open a context menu.

The Math-o-mir can make simple symbolic calculations.
Just right-click at an expression and a context-menu with
propsed sollutions will popup.

It is posible to plot some functions and to make quick analysis.
of local minimum/maximum points, null-points, intersections...

It is also possible to quickly show your entire document squeezed
into little tiles for quick document navigation.

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Danijel Gorupec, 2014