Using Math-o-mir in classroom

Although not specifically designed to be used in the classroom, the Math-o-mir has few features that can make it practical for that purpose.

First of all, the Math-o-mir is small and low-resource software, therefore schools/students do not have to be equipped with up-to-date computers. A computer that barely runs Windows XP should be enough. In addition, the Math-o-mir itself is absolutely free software. You can use it for free inside the classroom or outside of it.

The Math-o-mir is an electronic notepad, and students can write math in a similar way they do using pencil and sheet of paper. However, a period of training will be necessary. Teachers have to decide about the minimum age of students that are able to use the software.

With Math-o-mir (v1.6), teachers can create math exams. Exams are to be solved by students on their computers in electronic form. Math-o-mir uses public-key encryption scheme when dealing with exams to keep results produced by students secret. Only teacher can peek into their files.

Teachers are encouraged to send me their lists of suggestions and wishes in order to improve classroom usability of this software. You can write to mathomir( at )

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Danijel Gorupec, 2011.