General info about the Math-o-mir

How do I ask for additional help?

Write a mail to: mathomir(at)

You can also send bug reports or feature suggestions to the same mail address. Never hesitate to contact me.

What does ‘mathematical notepad’ mean?

From the beginning, Math-o-mir was developed to allow you to write down some informal math, as you would write it into your notes (notepad). It is intended to be quick, handy and humble.

There are programs around that are similar to Math-o-mir (maybe SMath Studio or MathCAD). However, I feel that Math-o-mir is more on the informal side of mathematics.

Math-o-mir was not developed to act primarily as formula typesetter (like MathType), neither was it developed to act as number cruncher (like MatLab) nor symbolic math problem solver (like Mathematica)… Note that names SMath Studio, MathCAD, MathType, MatLab and Mathematica are registered and owned by other people and companies that write their own excellent software.

Still, I observed that many people do use the Math-o-mir as formula typesetter. Possibly the quickness in formula typing is appealing to them even if the resulting formula image is of a bit lower quality than with dedicated typesetting tools.

Why should I use the Math-o-mir instead of pencil and a sheet of paper?

Dunno... I personally like it because:
- my handwriting is so bad that I cannot recognize it when I am using pencil
- after equations become long, I tend not to write them whole, so after some time I cannot understand them anymore
- my math paper sheets tend to become lost over time

These seem as trivial reasons, I agree.

After 25 years of writing math with pencil, it is not easy for me to switch to computer. I suppose that this will come more natural to younger generations.

Are equation images free to distribute?

Yes. Everything about Math-o-mir is free. You can place equation images into your documents (on web for example) and you can distribute .MOM files. You can distribute Math-o-mir itself (actually, thank you for doing this).

Is Math-o-mir available in other languages?

To extent, yes. The Math-o-mir 1.7 is available in German language.

If anyone of you has the altruistic desire to translate the Math-o-mir into Italian, Spanish, Portuguese... let me know! I will provide all support.

What else, except the Mathomir.EXE, do I need to have?

Almost nothing.

Obviously you need a PC with MS Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7…). High-resolution monitor is useful because you can see more of your math at a glance.

However, mouse with mouse-wheel is almost a must! Using a track pad is possible, but is a bit awkward, imho (you cannot easily zoom in/out, for example).

What kind of files are .MOM files?

The Math-o-mir stores its documents in files with .MOM extension. These files are actually text files with xml structure. (I can provide detailed specification. Send me a mail.)

The Math-o-mir installation program associates .MOM files with the Math-o-mir application since v1.7.

Is Math-o-mir a CAS (Computer Algebra System) software?

It depends on how you define a CAS software. The Math-o-mir can calculate simple symbolic expressions. It knows that x+x equals to 2x and all similar stuff.

The difference is in the philosophy and approach. To typical CAS you provide input data, and then you direct it to do a specific task (like integration). However, in Math-o-mir you simply right-click at an mathematical expression, and then the Math-o-mir provides several identities. It is up to you to choose the useful one.

For example, you can right-click to expression ‘x+2y+x’, and Math-o-mir can provide two choices: ‘2x+2y’ and ‘2(x+y)’. At no moment the Math-o-mir knows what are you trying to do, but it can provide possible list of future steps.

Yes, if you ask me, the Math-o-mir is a CAS software but not designed to make brain puzzling math for you. Instead it is designed to make boring steps automated.

Is the source code available?

Yes, it is available on request. Send me a mail.

However, you may not be very happy with what you receive because the source code [C++, MFC] is not ready for public yet. That is, it lacks nice documentation and formating.

Danijel Gorupec,2012.