My name is Danijel, and this is my site.
Here you will find some completely free thing that I made in my spare time.


Math-o-mir is a formula editor, but also much more than that. With this software you can type your math as quickly and capably as if you are using a pencil and a sheet of paper.

The idea to make a program that is capable to replace pencil and paper when doing mathematics did ask for some unusual solutions. Not surprisingly, because for centuries the math notation evolved to harmonize with the pencil exclusively... Check out what I did here.

Ethernet Throughput Utility

This is a very simple tool to measure throughput of Etherent networks. I once had problems finding such utility so I decided to make one of my own. Hope it can be helpful to you too. Click here.

I once learned about magnetism, but please, remind me.

A pdf paper where I tried to explain basics of magnetism as simply and plainly as I could. You might use it as an introductuion to a more detailed studies, or you might use it to refresh or expand your earlier knowledge... or any other reason. Click here.

Here is the link to my other, engineering dedicated site Charming Engineering wehere you can read about various fascinating things from the world of engineering.

I also have several electronics do-it-yourself articles:

Several XHTML examples of Presentation MathML can be found here. The same page in renamed HTML is here, but it doesn't render MathML.

And if you are interested, you can also check my brief resume.

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Danijel Gorupec, 2020